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At Pinnacle, we are dedicated to providing nationwide bulk fuel supply for all your needs. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to building strong relationships with our clients, based on trust and reliability. We believe in accountability and strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction. Our mission is to empower your business with the power of bulk fuel, so you can focus on what really matters.

Emergency Fueling

When disaster strikes, you need a fuel supplier you can count on. Pinnacle offers emergency fueling services to keep your critical operations running, even in the toughest conditions. 

Fuel Management

​Managing fuel usage can be a complex task, but it doesn't have to be. Pinnacle offers fuel management solutions to help you track usage and optimize fuel delivery. Let us help you save time and money.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Whether you need fuel for your construction site or for a remote location, Pinnacle has you covered. Our bulk fuel delivery services ensure that you always have the fuel you need, when you need it.

Fuel Storage Solutions

Proper fuel storage is essential to ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Pinnacle offers a range of fuel storage solutions, including tanks and containment systems. Let us help you protect your investment.

Fuel Quality Testing

Fuel quality is a critical factor in the performance of your equipment. Pinnacle offers fuel quality testing services to ensure that your fuel meets industry standards. Contact us today to schedule a test.


We offer quality products from all major brands...diesel, gasoline, DEF, oils, greases, and specialty fuels. Our extensive product line combined with volume pricing and fast service gives you the best value for your money. The following list covers our main product lines.

PBF Energy
Marathon Petroleum
Exxon Mobil
Shell Oil
Phillips 66
NGL Energy


  • Regular Unleaded Gasoline

  • Mid-grade Unleaded Gasoline

  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline

  • CARB Diesel #2 - Clear

  • CARB Diesel #2 - Red Dye

  • Alternative Fuels – Supplied in all geographic areas

  • EPA Diesel #2 - Clear & Red Dye

  • BioFuels – B5 to B100

  • E85

  • Renewable Diesel (RD99)

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

  • Propane


  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid - DEF

  • DEF Equipment 


  • All Major Brand Oils

  • Passenger Car Motor Oils

  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils

  • Natural Gas Engine Oils

  • LPG Engine Oils

  • Marine Engine Oils

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Hydraulic Fluid

  • Turbine Oils

  • Gear Oils and Greases

  • Antifreezes and Coolants

  • Chemicals and Solvents

  • Food Grade and Processing Oils

  • Winterized Fuel Additives

  • Biodiesel Fuel Additives

  • Marine Fuel Additives


  • Pinnacle Petroleum Voyager Card

  • Percentage Rebate Program

  • Cent per Gallon discount

  • Level Three Data

  • Universal Acceptance

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